Wednesday, January 28, 2009


One of the best things about going back to the same place twice is that you already know what you don't know. It's a good headstart. I also know what it is to be a PFA. I've been one before, and I'm one while on the North Shore. It keeps ya humble. I try not to be too obvious by running backwards in wet sand. As it turned out, the sand got me anyway but not until the very last day.

As you've read, we landed in Oahu about 18 hours before the storm did. I'm a sucker for storms anyway, but this one was absolutely amazing (ain't they all?). Sitting on our porch, I appreciate not having to guess what's coming over the mountain next. Nothing between me and the weather but some whales and the Pacific. I watched the storm and the rainbows gather (everything comes with rainbows in Hawaii) until it all began to hurl rain sideways. The waves off of Sunset Beach ran in four directions all at once. Come to think of it, they always do, which is why Sunset is world-class. But at least for these 2 days no one surfed. However, nothing stopped the kite nuts from hanging it out to dry. Insane.

The next couple of days were spent loving being back in the house again, gawking, riding bikes, saying hi to friends and dogs from last year, going to Foodland, playing gin, gawking, picking up the camera equipment at FedEx in Pearl City (damn near Honolulu), and blogging. Yes, suddenly I noticed I was BLOGGING in front of a view out the window to die for instead of looking out the window. Then a funny thing happened. The computer space bar (I am not making this up) broke. The computer was broken, and I was relegated to using own my paltry memory banks. Uh-oh... I went MIA. The good news is that the camera stuff is due back here in Boulder today so I can look at my pictures and maybe remember what happened next. How exciting! Stay tuned. Maybe the stars will align, and I'll actually be able to post some of those pictures.

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