Monday, January 25, 2010


Today, I lose my cocoon. The theory is, my right arm will magically transform from a pupa (though I much prefer "chrysalis") to a butterfly. I'll continue this later, after I see my pale and wrinkled newborn appendage emerge from the cloud of parched skin and plaster dust. Yuck. I just hope the boneman wears a respirator. Stay tuned...

Holy mackerel! What kind of la-de-da fantasy land was I living in yesterday (now it's Tues. the 26th) when I wrote that crap? Butterfly??? *Snort*  Not even an unholy mackerel. More like, holy geoduck! Pronounced "gooeyduck", they're those obscene giant clam necks which are sometimes eaten as sushi. Which goes to prove the Japanese will eat anything. 

Warning: I'm going to digress here now. I'd add "no offense", but I am so beyond offended by the Japanese wholesale slaughter of whales and dolphins. The following link refers to their criminal whaling and dolphin "harvest", and includes interviews with the the Sea Shepherd crew (though not the recent ramming of a Sea Shepherd protest boat by the Japanese whalers) and a preview of "The Cove". We're proud that "The Cove" won at Sundance and was chosen last week to be the first feature-length film on YouTube; the director lives here in Boulder, and my husband designed part of the hidden digital camera set-up. 

Well, if that's not enough to get over myself, I'll be doomed to keep my own company. I'd say I wouldn't wish that on a dog, but there are a lot of dogs who seem to like my company, even if it includes a lot of moaning and groaning and wicked limp wrists and weird been-under-a-rock-too-long skin. Way it is. In the meantime, I'll try to work my way back to my art, photographing it, and finally to posting it. Thanks for your patience; I hope it'll be worth it.  


loriann said...

Congratulations on an arm revealed, your personal metamorphosis.

Melinda said...

Eeks. Not a pretty picture, but I'm so glad you're free at last. Now for those Dolphins and Whales. You should be proud for taking a stand. You have lots of support.

Now art, yes?

Jala Pfaff said...

Can I call you "Pupa" now? Or perhaps your next dog can be called that?

SamArtDog said...

Arm did not emerge operational. Yet. Every day's better. Using the camera comes next. SONY---(Soon Only Not Yet.