Thursday, April 15, 2010



Double "D" said...

I like it!
Probably should go back over your entire blog because this piece seems to be a departure from your others that I've seen. Now, now, I like them all no matter what style or subject.

I'll try to pay more attention from now on as to your direction. This certainly displays a totally different skill set and technique. I certainly wish I could throw words around the way you do. Love to read your comments.

Hows the arm feeling? 100%? Hope so. I think I'm about 50% but the mobility has improved over the last two weeks since the sling came off. Hopefully I'll be able work on strength in a month or so. Still in the movement stage.

Take care Sam,

Melinda said...

Whoa. I'm loving this painting! It has such deep, rich colors, especially that background--a color I could look at allll day long.

Excellent painting. Just wow.

SamArtDog said...

What was it about the Ides of April that made us all post new pieces for a change? Go figure. As per style, just the other day, Jala and I were wondering who we are. Experimenting with materials and concepts make it hard to own our own. Shouldn't our artistic style be as recognizable as our handwriting? We each don't think ours is. DD, I'm glad to have you paying attention to my direction. I'm often the last to know I'm lost. Let me know when my wheels come off.

As for recovery, the hard fact about injuries is that 100% will never be the same 100% as it was. If you expect to get back to zero, don't try to find the same zero. You'll still be a champ, but with a different trophy.

Whoops! Aphorism overload! I better hang up.

Jala Pfaff said...

Actually, I think your style is much more distinctive than mine. But you're right--as distinctive as Loriann's or Casey's? Nope.
How oh how do we find our own handwriting in the midst of everyone else's? If you learn the answer, please let me know ASAP.

word verif: balcap

Anonymous said...

Our styles, are ours to determine and that depends on the day, the subject, and the hairdo.
Just ask Madonna.
Her change of styles does not render her unknown or without identity.
I love the waxy, shiny essence in these chilis. And as Melinda said too, I like that strong background color.

SamArtDog said...

Thanks, Bonnie; I needed that. I had just decided that they hurt my teeth. Like a room painted a bad green.