Thursday, September 16, 2010

bear on the run

The bear cub is still at large. He apparently eluded the guys from the DOW when they tried to catch him the day before yesterday. I imagine seeing them brought back immediate memories of his mother being shot by them, so he did what his best instincts said and ran like a rabbit. The good news is that his mother schooled him in the fine art of fine dining a la garbage, so not only is he still alive but probably eating well. He's been seen a couple of times since, so we know he's still following his garbage route, which probably makes it possible to trap him. Anyway, he's still around. Considering what he's been through, including the fire, I'd say the little guy is very clever and very brave. Part of me wants to root for his escape, but reality tells me that being caught by people is much better than being cougar bait.

So RUN!, little guy. Just not too fast.

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loriann said...

I am routing for the little bear too.