Thursday, November 4, 2010

rock and scroll

Just to keep you fickle readers tuned in,
I'm posting a picture of some artful litter I came across.
I in no way altered it; this is exactly how I found it.

It was only after I saw the photo that it occurred to me that
someone had probably intended to make this rock and scroll.
Uh, duh...

It reminds me of myself, chasing my own tail.
Dogs do that with a vengeance,
but come to think of it, it mostly makes them dizzy.
I can relate.

My latest dither involves
sketching two complete drawings onto canvases
I forgot to underpaint first.

O, save me from myself.


Melinda said...
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SamArtDog said...

The only art degree, complete with framed diploma, I have is an MFA. That's a Master of Finds Art.
School motto: "We don't makes art, we finds it."

Karen said...

I agree with took you to see it!

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

What about the faithful readers? Isn't this for us, too? I see stuff like your photo capture on art cards all over the Northwest, so don't diss it too much.

Tail chasing helps pass the time, burns calories, and creates the illusion of busyness. It's even fun, especially when you catch it and bite down. Well, that part's not so fun. Yeowch!

Maybe something different to get your juices going ... like a class? A trip to the art museum? A lecture? A student exhibit of art? Giving an art class for an elementary school? Cancer ward? Or ... Tai Chi?

You'll find your way. Or, you'll find you tail again. Don't bite down too hard when you do! Kvan

Carol King said...

I have never seen rocks so colorful. And when I first looked at the photo, I thought it was a big question mark on top of the rocks.

I like that you have an 'MFA'. Very impressive!

Jala Pfaff said...

No, it wouldn't be any fun for you if we saved you from yourself. :) But maybe Jazzy can save you?

cohen labelle said...

Neither am I fickle nor am I faint of heart. I love your blog, it's cool and oblique. I think what you may have in your midst is a graffiti artist - fascinating!

Double "D" said...

OK, so there you were ... hiding in the bushes watching this design of rocks and paper come together. The two young artists finished their lunch and moved on. You raised up a bit to see if you were alone ... you leaped into action and raced to this spot before the wind could blow away the design ... click, click.

Seriously, I do believe you and it's a great shot.
The mysterious SamArtDog creates another masterpiece.

SamArtDog said...

Hey, in no way am I dissing my ability to appreciate serendipity. That's what artists do; they knows it when they sees it. Besides providing experience, tail-chasing also reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously. As a survival skill, wry humor rules.

As far as my MFA is concerned, I'm as proud of that as anything else. The School of Finds Art was a very cool network of some famous (some infamous) 20th century artists. Sotto voce.

loriann said...

Mistress of Finds Art, it looks like a giant art deco question mark. Its purpose? Only the finder needs to know.-
from a faithful reader, sometime commenter, always appreciator

hwfarber said...

When my dog Willie chases his tail, he looks just like my IRobot vacuum cleaner. Sometimes they circle at the same time.

An interesting photograph--Melinda's right--you have that artist's eye.

Celeste Bergin said...

I love the photo--I'm not convinced that it just didn't become that way with the wind--I'm glad you happened onto's beautiful! As for drawing instead of underpainting...well, you might have gone ahead and gone straight to paint. As one of my best instructors says: "There are a zillion ways to get paint onto the canvas...any of them are valid" !

SamArtDog said...

So I did the underpainting over the drawing and let it show me a new drawing. Much more fun!