Friday, May 13, 2011

message in a bottle

I'm the last person to understand any of this, so I'm asking this question to anyone who reads this and has ANY information. Yesterday, Blogger appears to have crashed. Unfortunately, the crash took all of last week's samartdog blog with it. As you can see here, the last post that's showing is from May 5th.

I spent several hours (grrrrr) talking to the Great God Google. You know... the one who has no human representative, i.e., no one to talk to. All I could find online was a repeated "We're sorry, but this Blogger service is unavailable", or some such malarkey. Really? You're SORRY??? There was also some no-doubt relevant talk about how this is a Google-wide problem, meaning that it is not just me. Why does that not make me feel any better? Anyway, I did due diligence, filled in the comment box, including the UFO secret code, and sent it off into the blowzone. Someone named (I am not making this up) "ioana.dunea" sent back an email wherein she(?) repeated said secret code OUT LOUD but failed to include any rhyme or reason. Or help.

I am not a patient person. I also have not a shred of tech in me. I am a whale on the beach. The beach is on the infamous Desert Island. I hope you all continue to swim in smooth seas and that one of you can throw me a life line.


P.S. I suppose I should be grateful that this post is successfully published. Ironically, the last lost one was titled, "lost dog". Do you think this has anything to do with that Akashic stuff?


Stinson Fine Art said...

We are all beached whales in an increasingly complicated tech world where are the parts don't necessarily work. The good news is in order to cope with the frustrations we will all become Buddha like. Serene in a sea of chaos like all whales should be.
Get off the beach and enjoy the water Sam.

Casey Klahn said...

I can't beat John's advice. But, I did notice that the lost posts back till the 11th. are supposedly "temporarily" taken down. I imagine Googlites slowly thumbing through every post on Blogger looking for some code they don't like. Probably somebody posted a "bot" of some kind that is sneaky or malicious.

After Blogger's engineers finish with this problem, I know of a couple of bridges in Puget Sound they may want to fix...

I sure picked the wrong month to daily post! Haha.

SamArtDog said...

John, I be floatin' on my back sipping mai tais.

Excellent timing, Casey. Har har,

hw (hallie) farber said...

Your dog was not lost--he spent most of yesterday on my side bar . If I clicked on him, however, he wasn't here. Maybe Akashic fallout or maybe due to Google's purchase of Blogger. (Blogger promised there would be no interruption of service or changes.)

Enjoy those mai tais.

SamArtDog said...

Yay! The "lost dog" is back. However, none of your brilliant comments survived the trip. Oh well. I have more patience than Google has results.

Um, I just noticed that today is Friday the 13th.

Shelley Smart said...

Yeah, Lost Dog (which I love) is on top of the blogger list, but I found this one down a wee bit. Can we say, Out of Order??

I personally don't know any techie individuals who could navigate this Blogger mess! Including them... I'd bet money that it was a worse bug than they let on. LOL

I haven't checked my blog yet .... eek.

Jala Pfaff said...

Yeah, blogger was pretty much defunct there for a day or so. I think people have lost posts...some of it might still reappear. ?
Now to the sad news - June at BBP lost cranky old dear Francis the angry cat. Not lost like Talu was, but died lost.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

I agree, it was a huge frustration and the loss of the brilliant comments is annoying. Somehow, I don't picture you as the beached whale. More like the playful dolphins figuring out something else to do. Mai tais? Now yer talkin'!