Friday, November 11, 2011

nothing is forever

On October 24th, I posted a story about 

Meanwhile, the City of Boulder has been
on a mission to rebuild all its sidewalks.
Hellbent, you might say. 
On our walk early yesterday morning, 
the dog and I headed over to see 
if the crews had gotten to Alexander's house yet.

They had. 

Garrett's nose points to what's left of that magic little garden.

The sign below was hung on the fence
in front of the house.

The display of rocks and shells and treasures,
 so carefully collected and artfully arranged by Alexander
was gone.
All scattered, dug up or buried,
along with the plants and sprinklers.

Nothing left but his hand-painted sign 
and his crown.

I turned and looked back,
hoping I had imagined the destruction.

I hadn't.


Kevin Mizner said...

Unfortunately, it's another example of Urban "Renewal" at work...

Shelley Smart said...

It sure does look like urban "progress" but why didn't Alexander MOVE his garden? I'm sure his family knew the renovation was coming? Then when the work was done he could restore his garden. Or move it. We have to look out for ourselves and our art.

Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Bulldozers and guys in reflective jackets are not mindful of magic gardens and sculpture portraits made with found objects. But you are! Glad you caught it before it was disrupted. This might be a test of Alexander's perseverance! We'll wait for updates, with fingers crossed, and thoughts of little boys and sea shells and crowns.

Double "D" said...

Ah, the wonderful dysfunctional municipalities with there heads stuck up their actions.
I experienced something very similar last year when a 10' cement pathway went through my front yard.
I feel Alexander's pain but in the end the municipalities always win. I wish he could have moved it prior to the destruction.

Sheila Vaughan said...

It's the same over this side of the pond. Almost like - hey we've got a bunch of workmen here, let's see what we can get them to do. Dispiriting eh.

hw (hallie) farber said...

I'm glad you have photos of his garden and I hope he has more treasures to display. The first, though, is always the original.

SamArtDog said...

Yeah, so the city shot itself in the foot by trading in some high-caliber public art for spiffy new sidewalks.

Our neighbor up at the ranch says the only thing he hates worse than politicians is politics, but that when the gummint stomps on his anything, it gets his libertarian up. He also calls box elder bugs, which are harmless but hatch out in large numbers around election time, liberals.

I'd tell him that I like his politics, but I don't think he'd take it the right way.

andrea said...

In spite of the chaos, it looks like a neighbourhood I'd like to live in!