Sunday, July 1, 2012

100 artists

Think you can't come up with a creative idea?
It might be because Shea Hembrey
 has used up all the good ones.


hw (hallie) farber said...

Wow! I have the app for TED on my iPad; I had not seen this one. Thanks--love it. As a kid, I was a member of the 4H Club--I like his 3H.

Nice foot in the previous post.

Sheila Vaughan said...

Let me get the whinge out of my system first. Why did Mr. Hembrey feel he had to keep walking around and waving his arms? That really irritated me. I felt like getting hold of him, sitting him on a tall stool and tucking his hands under his legs. And saying "Now tell us what you got to say".
On the plus side, it was an interesting concept he had but at the end of the day don't you think that the 100 artists are still all called Hembrey? He can change the style and technique till he's blue in the face but as soon as he starts "creating" - it's him, his inner self. He's not in control of that. Second good thing - people are now making captions available on these videos which is a total boon for the un-hearing like myself. Thank you to the unknown caption creator. Third thing, Sam, all the time the video was playing, my eyes kept straying to the dogs on the right hand side and the quote from Steinbeck - dogs think all humans are nuts. It was a lovely juxtaposition.

SamArtDog said...

Whinge? What's a whinge? Must be a local colloq. You Brits -- criminy!
1) M. Hembrey has ants in his pants.
2) I love how TED's #1 goal is to relay what they're doing to as many people as is possible... and then to encourage their participation. Btw, captions should be universal on the Internet.
3) Once in a while, I think I should redecorate and put something else up on the top of my blog. Fortunately, I get over it.

Sheila Vaughan said...

Laugh out loud - I might have spelt it wrong. It might be "winge". It is pronounced with the "g" softened. It means "moan" or "complain" in an irritating way, so we say to a kid who keeps mithering for an ice cream "Stop whinging". Now you'll want to know what mithering is won't you.
Ok - about TED - I think I didn't find out enough about who they are and what they do. In fact, never heard of them. Will look it up.
No, don't move the dogs! It's the sanest thing on the internet. In fact you could add more dogs to it. I can send you 2 Brit dogs if you like (but they might mither and whinge).

Page Railsback said...

Interesting entertainment..esp the comments!

Susan said...

Thank you,Sam! I missed this TED lecture and am so glad you posted it! What a hoot, what an inspiration! My favorite is the pink warning signs on the barbs of the barbed wire fence - Loved it! You have left me smiling today!