Sunday, September 7, 2014

piece of cake

Shelley Smart grew up just up the coast from me.
Or down the coast, as they say on the coast.
I never met her there. Still haven't.
That's because I met her here in blogland.
When I had mentioned Day's lobster rolls in a post, 
she popped up like clam squirt.
Said she grew up with the Day's kids,
went to school with them,
while I was growing up on their lobster rolls. 
Wicked small world.

Shelley comments that she's also having 
cataract surgery in a couple of weeks.
If I were there (Oxnard, I think), we'd do lunch.
 I'd buy you a lobster roll, Shell, 
and tell you it's 
a piece of cake.

How ironic... there's an eye in the window.


Shelley Smart said...

You made me laugh! Clam squirt! I hate to tell you but I hate lobster and clams, just saying (odd for a Maine girl). But I love cake!! And I wish we could "do lunch"!

And as you know, I lived in Boulder for a few years many years ago. I loved it there.

Sam, we moved two years ago away from the beach and inland to Thousand Oaks and I have spent my time renovating this house instead of painting. Now we are moving AGAIN south of here closer to our kids and I hope to get back to painting.

I'll let you know how the cataract thing goes. Yuck!

Shelley Smart said...

Well, Sam, the cataract surgery was today. Hmm. I wasn't as sedated as I would have liked! And I thought it hurt more than I had been told it would. And to my sister-in-law who thought cataract surgery was a "piece of cake," I say -- oh, nevermind, I can't spell those sounds adequately. And I've been told that the lens I got will take a few weeks to adapt to. Oh, joy! But I lived.

How is your red eye doing? Is it clearing up? Hope it is well on its way to healing!

Shelley Smart said...

Hi! The new lens is doing really well! The day after surgery I could really tell it is a big improvement over the cataract! Now to get the two eyes to work together since the new lens is distance only!

I sure hope your eye is healed and you, too, can see well!

SamArtDog said...

Shelley, I'm truly glad it turned out well for you. Me, not so much.

Shelley Smart said...

Can you not see well yet? Sometimes they can "tweak" it? I am sorry you had such an ordeal.

It is a bit frustrating not to be able to read well yet as there is no close vision in the "lens" eye. Eventually, like in a couple of weeks, I'll get new prescription glasses. You won't even be able to tell I had surgery. Hmm, this is suppose to be an improvement? It will be an improvement.

Meanwhile (like on Friday, Oct. 10) we have moved further south in California to Irvine/Newport Beach near some of our children, my daughter included. It was a bear of a move. And it will take a while to get settled. We had renovated our last house and now I see that this one needs some work, too. $$$$ Darn it all!

Good luck with the eye.