Tuesday, December 16, 2008

ace of space

Though it was as unlikely as a pure white moose (see Dec.9th post), I now know why I started this blog. I have absolutely no doubt that Ace has something to do with this. Really. He's all over it, like static on socks, or syrup on a stack, like moonlight on the snow. If I'm right, I am honored and expect a great ride. December 13th marked eight years since that Great Digital Storyteller, our co-conspirator, eternal friend and brother Dana Atchley went someplace the rest of us will have to wait to see. Boy... wasn't it always the way?

A couple of weeks ago, I revisited Dana's online site, no doubt goosed along by himself, this time playing The Amazing X, a Puckish connector-of-all-things. Another character in his trunk. I was delighted to see his site is still there as a memorial, with tributes posted. I was more than relieved to see that fixed star right it where ought to be. Like spotting an island.

I sense that Ace (sorry, Dana, but you know you're Ace to me) might be, okay, IS very envious of all this blogging stuff. Back in the day, children, he blogged by bus. Literally. He drove a progression of rolling home/studio/library/theatre/museums back and forth across this whole country for years, keeping folks connected and all of our stories collected. If he were here now, I can promise he'd be doing things with the blogosphere that would astound and amaze everyone.

I bet he's pretty amazed to see that even I blog. I do it to keep telling the story, just as he would have us all do. To make sure you get the link to his site, I have to include it in this text in case I blew the setting to include it automatically. I can hear him roaring with laughter. Hey, stop being a smartass, dude, and gimme help. Here it is... http://nextexit.com/

Don't be lazy and miss the Next Exit. Ace knew that pulling off the highway is when the adventure begins.

We love you, darlin', and miss you a lot. Thanks a lot for the goose. Lookee. Here I am.


Jala Pfaff said...

She's still bloggin'! Look at her go! :)
He was a friend of yours, I take it?

Gabrielle Silva said...

Hi Sam, I just saw Wyndam at our Lucky LuckyStore and he said that Ace of Space was the original Finds Art Guy. On Rebop's Bunny Farm, where Ragananda lives, we have the Finds Art Academy. You can download your own Finds Art Degree for free. So, see YOU at Ragananda's Smiling Party, www.ragananda.com Blesswings to all! Gabrielle and Ragananda