Thursday, March 12, 2009

driving home alone

Twilight finally gave up its ghost on that first evening of Daylight Savings. Ran out of savings, didn't pay the bill and the lights went out. It was Sunday, so the streets were dark and empty. No one around but me and my stealth car, Alma Negra. Not even anybody breathing in the back seat. The stark absence of the usual other life form, the dog, left the deep primordial hum of nothing. Yikes. It was the sound of my head. If you hold my head up to your ear, you will not hear the ocean; you will hear NOTHING. Come to find out, synapses are silent. From the outside anyway. For reassurance, I opened the moon roof (you pay extra for the moon, Alice). BAM!... There was the moon. Worth every silvery dime.


Patrice said...

My synapses whistle a little with white noise... but the burble and gurgle of my stream usually drowns it out.

Listening to the dark offers entry to the next dimension.

Seeing the silence is near to impossible.

Samartdog said...

Burble, gurgle, turgle and trouble. No matter which dark dimension, if I saw silence, I'd have to change my pants.