Monday, March 16, 2009

what a face



A lot of dogs have memorable faces and names to match.
If you can't forget this one, he belongs in your family.
So click on him, and take him home.

P.S. Now that I've sort of figured out this trick, I promise I'll only harass you with the unforgettables.


Jala Pfaff said...

why don't YOU take this guy home. He's awesome! (And what a name!!)

Patrice said...

Many of us (and likely you are included in this "many") are maxed out doing as much as we can for animals. I've nine cats, three large dogs and a charity horse among the ones I care for. Many of my animals are geriatrics, requiring frequent vet care, and it's tough coming up with the funds. I often buy animal food, electing to "get by" on what I can scrape up for myself, rather than run out of feed or hay or kibble. I also donate paintings to raise monies for local shelters.

I don't know how people can turn their backs and live with themselves - but they do. Christianity deemed that animals were put here to serve man. For that lie alone I despise the religion - and blame it for the indifference and conceit of humans.

Jala Pfaff said...

Patrice is dead on.

Samartdog said...

I totally agree. I love people who think beyond our own domineering species and do what they can for the dominated ones. I post pleas to remind folks who don't. But they don't read this, so I'll leave you handful of do-gooders alone for now. That does not, however, mean I'll be able to resist a memorable face now and then. It mends our own souls to look into those eyes now and then.

Samartdog said...

Commenting before 8 AM with my eyes still stuck shut by Sand from the Man, is too many "now-and-thens". I figure they total one "forever". Stuff like this matters a lot to Virgos.