Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the quiksilver

The North Shore of Oahu is getting hammered by 30' to 50' waves today through Thursday or Friday, which means The Quiksilver In Memory Of Eddie Aikau is on! It doesn't happen every year, actually rarely, and only when the monster waves are thundering in. Today's sets seem very promising (can you say HUGE?), and the judge will likely call it a "go". Thirty of the world's best big wave riders are ready and waiting at Waimea. Unfortunately, we won't be at Sunset until 1/15/10. Just as well... the house is full of judges for the Triple Crown, and the waves will be threatening the porch. Yikes! But as the surf rats say, "Eddie would go!"


loriann said...

So Sam..do you live part time in Hawaii? Are you a surfer? I am trying to figure this out. Paul knew right away about quiksilver. I will have to try to check out the congested site. Thanks for sharing..... will you post a photo of your studio as well?

SamArtDog said...

Januarys, we rent the judges' house on Sunset Beach right after the big competitions. The big waves and the big surfers are still there. My ortho-docs would take back my knee if I surfed, so beach-trudging, biking, and porch-roosting are the sports of choice. Injuries include stepping on sea urchins (OW!) and binocular rash.
Will post the studio photo asap. Meanwhile, will post photo of Hawaiian exercise.

loriann said...

Sounds like a good life Sam. I remember not long ago you posted a beautiful painting called "leaving honolulu." Do you go often?
And yes that makes sense when you consider your carefully constructed knee that surfing might not be an option. I should have remembered. How big are those waves?????