Tuesday, December 15, 2009

silent monks

What do you do if you've taken a vow of silence but still want to sing Handel's Messiah?


loriann said...

Sam, verrryyy entertaining!
Paul and I watched it together and he said, "sign me up for that monastery."heehee

Those aren't really monks ...are they?

SamArtDog said...

No, I think those are baptists and therefore mutually exclusive to monks. Go get thyself dunked, Paul.

What's really entertaining is, that was the first time I've posted a video without having a total meltdown. Cussing at the computer is no longer my M.O. Communicating by blog is important enough to me to whip this piece of tech crap into shape. Actually, being an animist, I love my Mac.

Melinda said...

Really fun! I enjoyed this a lot and had to share it, too.

You've got a really good blog here and I look forward to visiting often.

Best wishes always with the techno-crap stuff...I feel the same way about overcoming the problems! ;)